VivierSkin™ is the world’s #1 Vitamin C line. It is the only medical skin care brand that combines the powerful benefits of the world’s #1 patented Vitamin C sérums (L-Ascorbid Acid USP) with pharmaceutical grade cleansers, toners, eye therapy products, moisturizers, advanced sun protection products, body care and complete skin care systems. Recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and skin care specialists, VivierSkin™ addresses a number of skin concerns from dry sensitive skin, to rosacea to hyperpigmentation to anti-aging. 

You may ask, what are the benefits of Vitamin C for my skin?

Vitamin C has been widely researched and acclaimed for its impressive anti-aging benefits. It protects the skin and helps prevent wrinkles, repairs skin damage, evens your skin tone, and improves your skin tone. It is an essential part of a compete daily skin care regime as it helps: produce collagen, protect the skin from damaging UV rays, decrease inflammation caused by acne, and rosacea, improves moisture retention, and overall gives your skin a healthy youthful glow.

The five VivierSkin Skin Care Systems address a number of skin concerns from dry, senstivie skin to rosacea, oily, acne-prone skin to hyperpigmentation to anti-aging. Each of these Skin Care Systems is presented in convenient starter kit that includes all of the products required to start a VivierSkin regimen. The VivierSkin Collection offers a complete set of three advanced anti-aging products to be used in combinaton with VivierSkin Cleansers and Toners, Vitamin C Serums and Sun Protection Products.


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