Chemical Peels

Awaken your Senses

Glõtheraputics Chemical Peels are as enjoyable as they are effective. Infusions of Pomegranate, cranberry, citrus, green tea and calendula extracts stimulate your senses while pharmaceutical grade ingredients treat your skin-care concerns. GlõTheraputics is a revolutionary breakthrough in chemical exfoliation treatments. It provides the ability to customize treatments for each individual client to achieve subtle, gradual or astonishing transformations. GlõTheraputics will help properly exfoliate the skin while repairing, rebuilding and renewing to assist during the healing and regeneration process. Whether you are concerned with dull, lackluster skin, fine lines, imperfections or discoloration there is a GlõTheraputics chemical peel treatment for you.






Chemical Peel FAQ’s

What are the results from a chemical peel treatment?

After a treatment you can expect to see a fresh, smooth, even and healthy tone to your skin. Advanced chemical peel treatments may soften fine lines, clear imperfections and lighten hyperpigmentation. The results of the treatment are also determined by the home care products you use.

Can I have a chemical peel if I am taking prescription medication?

Chemical peel treatments are not recommended while on certain types of medications. Ask Dr. Ramaya during your consultation if a chemical peel is right for you.

How many treatments do I need and how often?

Receiving a series of chemical peels will yield the best results. Dr. Ramaya will guide you through a program that consists of treatments and home care products suitable for your specific concerns. On average, a minimum of 4-6 treatments every 7-14 days are recommended. More aggressive treatments may require only one treatment or may be repeated at a different frequency then lighter treatments.

Will I experience skin sloughing (peeling)?

The amount of sloughing you will experience varies depending on the chemical exfoliation treatment performed, the home care products you use and your skin condition. The amount of peeling you observe is not an indication of the effectiveness of the treatment.

Will the treatment be painful?

You may experience different sensations during the treatment ranging from slight tingling to the feeling of hot skin. Dr. Ramaya will offer you a fan to subside these sensations.

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