Microdermabrasion is a light cosmetic procedure that uses a mechanical medium for exfoliation to gently remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis.  It is a non-invasive procedure performed by Katelyn, our Medical Aesthetician. 

Microdermabrasion is a fairly simple, easy, painless, non-invasive, skin rejuvenation procedure using a combination of a fine abrasive tip and vacuum suction applied to the skin. The vacuum pressure and speed are adjusted depending on the sensitivity and tolerance of the skin. Microdermabrasion is often compared to the feeling of a cat licking the skin- a rough but gentle texture. Typical microdermabrasion sessions can last anywhere from 5–60 minutes. Minimal to no recovery time is required after microdermabrasion and most people immediately return to daily activity after a session.

Microdermabrasion helps to diminish the appearance of superficial hyperpigmentation and photo-damage, as well as diminish fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and shallow acne scars. A further benefit of microdermabrasion is enhanced skin penetration by other skin creams and serums. Removing dead skin (startum corneum of the epidermis) will aid in the penetration of skin care products and medications by up to 10-50%. The controlled skin exfoliation afforded by microdermabrasion will afford make-up to go on much more smoothly.

We also offer Accelafuze treatments (microdermabrasion included in treatment):





Introducing Peptide infusion therapy, an advanced anti-aging breakthrough. AccelaFuze™ peptide infusion treatments stimulate the body’s own cellular repair system to produce new skin cells, collagen and elastin, reducing the signs of aging caused by photo-damaged skin. AccelaFuze™ provides combination therapy appropriate for all skin types without pain or downtime. One machine provides nine different treatment options ranging from large pore treatments, oily skin, acne, pigmentation, dry skin, fine lines and rejuvenation.



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